Styling Story: A Dancer in Motion

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We’re stepping into the dance studio to inspire you to get moving!

The mesmerizing motions of dance, whether ballet or hip hop, are captivating in a way that few other art forms of art can compare to. Flowing from one position to the next with ease and poise while staying synchronized with the beats of the music, the dancers entrance their audience. Photographer captured the movement and beauty of dancer in ways that matched the inspiring nature of watching a dance performance live. Mixing street style with the movement of ballet, the team brought to life the beauty that is dance with looks styled by . Take a look and be inspired….

Get the look: ,

Get the look: ,

Get the look:

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ted Emmons ,  

MODEL: Alanna Arrington

STYLING: Keenan Evans

BEAUTY: Ashley Gomila

 +How do you find inspiration in movement?


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