How to Use a Foam Roller + 4 Key Moves

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Meet the froth curler, your exercise’s new greatest pal.

It’s been 24 hours since my final HIIT exercise, and it feels as if each muscle in my physique is retracting in protest. I undoubtedly didn’t stretch sufficient…rushed by way of my cool-down as typical (why am I all the time in such a rush to go away the fitness center?!). I’m persistently responsible of not taking sufficient time to stretch submit-exercise, and I find yourself paying for it with tight muscle mass and sore limbs. Turns out, my aversion to completely rolling out my physique is affecting greater than my muscle tissue — I’m lacking out on the psychological advantages, too. Recent research have proven that correct stretching and rolling with a foam curler publish-exercise additionally eases stress and nervousness and relieves again points — necessary for these of us who commute and/or spend an excessive amount of time behind a desk (hello, that’d be me). Foam rolling even boasts most of the similar advantages as meditation, and admittedly, slightly meditation submit-exercise sounds fairly nice to my over-lively mind. So whereas I made a pledge to amp up my health club routine this month, I additionally vowed to take extra time to stretch and roll issues out. I started by including in a number of foam rolling periods every week, with one devoted session every Saturday, together with paying nearer consideration to stretching out my physique after every exercise. And the distinction has been fairly exceptional.

For these of us who've a troublesome time slowing down or sitting nonetheless, foam rolling brings consciousness to the physique and thoughts by way of considerate motion. Unlike a fast and soiled stretch session — you realize, a stretch to the hamstrings there, perhaps some consideration paid to your triceps — foam rolling requires a bit extra stability, commanding thought and focus as you employ the curler to ply and knead every muscle group. Along with serving to to velocity up restoration time publish-exercise, foam rolling additionally assists in massaging out our fascia, or connective tissue, which may turn out to be hardened and is chargeable for these knots you are feeling in your again after a very tense day. If you’re new to foam rolling, the 4 strikes under will get you began in your strategy to muscle restoration. As you carry out every set, be sure you breathe deeply and chill out, foam rolling isn’t probably the most snug apply, however you’ll depart your exercise feeling versatile and powerful, and your muscle mass gained’t be screaming 24 hours later.

Upper and Low Back

Why: If you’ve ever felt pressure in your again or generally tend to stoop. This transfer is for all you commuters and fellow desk staff on the market.

How: With the froth curler behind you, place your fingers behind your head to help your head and neck. Starting at your shoulders, use your ft to propel your self slowly again, shifting the froth curler up and down your again and being positive to maintain your again straight and your abs and glutes engaged.


Why: Tight or sore glute muscle mass may cause ache elsewhere in your physique. Rolling out your glutes not solely releases pressure in these muscle tissues, however can ease knee and decrease pack ache as properly.

How: With your proper leg over your left knee, sit on the froth curler. Focusing your strain on the proper hip, place your hand on the ground and roll entrance to again. Switch sides and repeat.

Ankles & Calves

Why: Tight calves and ankles could make train troublesome, and simply impede on a regular basis motion.

How: With your legs stretched out in entrance of you, place your ankles over the curler and carry by way of your arms. Starting at your ankles, roll up via the calves to your knee and reverse.

IT Band

Why: Your IT (Iliotibial) band is definitely a collection of connective tissue that runs out of your hip to your knee, and is usually a supply of ache, particularly for runners and sprinters.

How: Lie in your left aspect together with your proper leg bent in entrance of you and your left hip resting on the curler. Roll the aspect of your proper leg by means of the knee. Switch sides and repeat.

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