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Go West: A Photo Diary

She was born on her 26th birthday, though some would say it was a rebirth. Born into a life she’s never experienced before now: a life of discovery, travel… the road. Her soul belonged there, her eyes fixated on the nature surrounding her. The wind against her warm and freckled face. Some say she was crazy for


Autumn Street Style in Sydney

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia!Sydney is a colorful city. Where the city meets the sea, Sydney is located halfway down the east cost of Australia, meaning that the sartorial style is at the median point between edgy, playful, paired down, serious, and chic. Being an occasion dresser


Refresh Your Space for Summer With a Succulent DIY

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie! Each year when summer rolls around, breathing new life into the foliage that grows so abundantly outdoors, I begin to desire the same kind of refresh for my own space. My solution to the urge to emulate the transformation happening outside is to bring nature into my own home. Small


Free People Models Off Duty

This post comes from our blog intern, Natalie! I have long admired and tried my best to replicate the effortless style of the model off-duty. Always a perfect blend of stylish-yet-casual, and looks that work in any environment. No one does it better than the Free People beauties, and I get a daily dose of inspiration when


Weekend Do: Find A Hidden Gem

Sometimes it’s inevitable to always be content with your surroundings. As big as cities can be, there are times when they can feel small… when it feels like every option has been explored, every thing to do has been exhausted. I find myself feeling this way occasionally, especially in reference to my specific neighborhood. I really do love


Locallective: Bringing Underground Art to the Forefront in Chicago

Right off a main drag in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood lives a retrofitted loft space housing underground art and working to bring it to the Chicago community. The group of young creatives and entrepreneurs who found and flipped the space have come to call it, Locallective. The space itself is maze-like and brimming with possibility. As


Blogger Diary: Celebrating Moving Forward

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie! Change. I’ve never been good at embracing it at the onset, but once I alter my perspective I begin to welcome the transformation. Life hardly ever remains stagnant. It’s a succession of these changes — some larger than others — strung together that spur the process of metamorphosis within ourselves. I’ve always loved


Meet Louisa Wendorff, Your New Musical Obsession

A beautiful soul inside and out, one filled with kindness and overflowing with creativity. When singer-songwriter Louisa Wendorff enters the room, this fact is made abundantly clear through her warm smile, relaxed demeanor, and the creative energy that radiates from her being. Perhaps it’s because of her SoCal roots, or the fact that she now calls Nashville home —


Paradise Found: Krause Springs

A new month began and the skies finally cleared, gracing us with day after day of blue sky and temperatures in the 90s.  After all the rain, it was and is more than welcome. But man, is it hot.  And it’s only June.  Lucky for us, Austin is surrounded by incredible lakes and swimming holes,


Making a Difference: Frankenhein Surfboards

In the back of a beach bungalow a few miles off of the beach, two people are quietly making an impact on the surf culture around the world while simultaneously doing their part to help save the environment.  Shannon and Jered are the masterminds and artists behind Frankenhein Surfboards, a hand built and crafted surfboard company in Costa